• Prepped it

    Our culinary journey begins here. Each ingredient is prepped to perfection and ready to elevate your cooking adventure.

  • Cook it

    It's time to turn your kitchen into a culinary haven. Follow our chef-designed recipes and unleash your inner chef.

  • Enjoy it!

    Your culinary creation is ready to be savored. Take a moment to relish the delightful flavors you've crafted.

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Who is the Commis chef?

All of our meal kits are proudly prepped by Evan Kim, who is our extraordinary Commi Chef at Commis meal kit. Learn more about him under 'About us' section!

Placing an order?

You can order our products through Instagram (DM) and Kakaotalk channel during the soft opening event.

Anything else?

You can send direct message on Instagram or email us to commismealkit@gmail.com. We would love to answer any questions and look forward to connecting with you!