Welcome to Commis' Meal Kit!

A Commis Chef assists the main chef in a kitchen with simple tasks such as preparing ingredients and keeping things tidy so the main chef can concentrate in their culinary masterpiece. Let us be your Commis Chef!

Our brand offers meal kits prepared with the spirit of a Commis – handling fresh and quality ingredients with care, expertly preparing and serving all those who cook with the heart of a chef. We aim to bring quick and easy-to-make meal kits to your dining table alongside an array of delightful culinary experiences.

Say NO MORE to spend time on tiresome grocery shopping and ingredient preparation, and go with ZERO WASTE of food. We are committed to preparing meals that everyone can enjoy with confidence, yes you are the chef!

So, who will be your Commis Chef?

Chef Evan Kim, studied at the Institute of Culinary Education and gained diverse experiences at establishments such as Ramen Takumi, Zuma, and Morimoto, is now returning to the roots with the heart of a commis chef to present a new line of meal kits.